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We land on the moon we send our figurative fingers out to touch mars. We dive deep into the oceans and quantify, dehydrate, kill, stuff, display — everything that we can touch. And yet there is pi. Take a look at it: it is the number that is not a number. It’s the most non-human thing that we have ever discovered. And it makes us RAGE!!! 3.142… No other digit can make the human brain rebel so much.

If you don’t know about this number, let me introduce you to our collective insanity: draw a circle. Easy enough. Your circle might not be as perfectly circular as someone else’s circle, but never mind — now draw a line that splits your circle perfectly in half. Ok — I admit that that’s annoying. There is no way that you can split an imperfect circle perfectly in half. That just proved that no circle is perfect.

But let’s imagine a “perfect circle”. A circle so perfect that no human can ever draw it — and let’s also imagine a line that is perfectly drawn which splits this perfect circle perfectly in half. Let’s call that line a “diameter”.

Let’s back up a bit: a square: If you double two sides of a square and then draw a line connecting those two sides, you find that the square-root of the resulting line is always equal. This makes sense and is satisfying — it makes the human brain happy. But draw a circle around that square and suddenly the human brain freaks out!!!

Draw a circle. Measure the length of your circle (call it the “circumference”) Then bisect it and divide the “length” by the “diameter”.

Welcome to pi:

3.141592653589793… [no… there is no end]


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